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Sky shopping, popularly known as the Direct Response Television (DRTV) industry and Electronic Retailing are the two major segments of Modern Retailing. With distinct advantages such as world-class innovative products, affordable prices, 24x7 informed buying from the comfort of home, customer-friendly payment solutions like COD and quick home delivery, 
Lately, sky shopping products have been dominating e-commerce. According to the Asia-Pacific B2C e-commerce report, B2C e-commerce market-share is growing at a phenomenal rate of 23.3% per annum .Sky Shopping, an integral part of Modern Retailing is eating into the traditional retailing pie globally.
China, which resembles Nepal  market has witnessed dramatic rise in its DRTV market share growing at a phenomenal annual rate. India is poised to follow suit. 
About City Brands Marketing
Ruling the Nepal Sky
The Genesis
City Brands Marketing Limited was incorporated in Nepal Before Few years with a humble beginning. City Brands Marketing stands for Trust, Value and Commitment - the three hallmarks of good business sense. 
City Brands Marketing markets world-class innovative products to Nepal consumers at affordable prices offering full value for money. In its few  glorious years of service City Brands Marketing has marketed many path-breaking products such as Ab Energizer, RashiRatnaaurBhagya, Mop, Sauna Belt and Speak English in Thirty Days, which have resulted in each of these products establishing itself as a new industry. 
City Brands Marketing is driven by deep entrepreneur passion and an obsession to deliver innovations every single day. Highly qualified research teams, experienced sourcing, distribution, logistic and finance professionals, state-of-the art media setup and an extremely creative design team make City Brands Marketing a completely back-integrated organization. 
The Power of Media
City Brands Marketing products have been endorsed by leading names of the Indian film and Television industry. The in-house creative team creates world-class stunning infomercials that surprisingly compel the channel-surfing TV viewer to glue to our 30 minutes infomercials. Today, City Brands Marketing advertises for over 30 combined hours on leading satellite channels.
B2C: GenNext Retailing
With its own 24x7 state-of-the-art few-virtual seat call centre, City Brands Marketing processes over 100 calls every day with its seamless ERP that tracks every single order real-time. In India, while most of the B2C companies are facing an uphill task to sustain their businesses in the absence of non-popularity of online payment solutions, logistic nightmares and forbidding challenges of COD (Cash on Delivery), City Brands Marketing has grown at 40% CAGR year on year from date of inception.